"Diane is an incredibly gifted therapist, musician, poet, trainer, designer, chef, gardener, and maker of magic. Her skills and creativity seem to be boundless, and she integrates them all effortlessly. I have seen, first hand, how effective she is in healing lives and how joyful!"
Betty Emarita



"Diane Robinson Kerr facilitates from a place of deep wisdom and intuition. Her authentic way of expressing herself and connecting with others is contagious! Her warmth radiates to everyone in the group. It is always a delight to have a group experience facilitated by Diane."
Laura Harley, M.A., CPCC
Certified Personal and Professional Coach, Minnesota



"Diane Kerr conducted a team building workshop for a fortunate group of employment counselors at the Canadian Federal Government. The consultation skills and counseling principles she taught and the profound insights she imparted still resonate with the staff members who were there. She changed the culture of the employment department in that city with her teaching skills, innovative ideas and ability to plant joy and truth in the hearts of her students"
Susan Spencer
Foreign Worker Officer
Manpower Canada

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From Disorder to Order to Beauty

Lately, people have appeared on my path who somehow found themselves living in chaos and disarray. Although the causes may be different, the outcomes are the same: disorder, confusion, resulting apathy, discouragement and finally, depression. When people show up on my path in succession like that, its because the Universe is asking me to do […]



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