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My life has been a journey of incredible contrast. Born with a non-malignant brain tumor that destroyed my pituitary, the master gland, my life was accompanied by illness that I had to either befriend or be destroyed by it. I had to learn how to live with a compromised immune system, stunted growth and a myriad of symptoms that continue to plague my life. I have heard others talk about how they would never trade the hardships they have had and I understand that. I would not trade mine as it taught me so much, compassion for example.

I am a very flexible speaker that can speak on many topics of my own or on one requested. I like to speak from the heart, I like to be funny, and I like it when something I have said sparks transformation in someone's heart.

That's when it's all worth it and the audience and I become one. I first learned how to communicate from a stage when I was a young dancer in Montreal and later, as a musician and performer.

My storytelling ability somehow winds it's way in there too and I guess there is a deep desire in me to share and so that combo of elements makes me the speaker that I am. I am looking for speaking or lecture opportunities so contact me. No group is too small.

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