FLOW…The bottom line with companies, the line they must support to their board, to investors and to staying afloat is MONEY. DOES IT MAKE MONEY. Companies are not people. The ones who harm,and we are all learning who they are, are mega machines that produce what sells regardless of the consequences. War for instance, is the biggest product of all. Ask those bank gangsters if war isn’t their most productive money maker. Of course it is or why would they always make sure one is either going on or they are preparing for the next? Poor Syria is apparently on the list now. After thinking about this state of affairs some, the question remains “what can little old me do about it?” I am sure you have wondered that too. I am not famous, rich, or powerful in any way but I refuse to give up my power of one and so these are my three main decisions this year. If you like any of them, help yourself although I suspect many are already practicing them. The more the better. If you have some to share, please do.

1. Become mindful of what my dollar supports. Money is the only language big business understands. If people stop buying their products they pay attention and will either switch to what people will buy or go out of business. This applies to everything I buy in the marketplace including food, drugs, clothes, cars, etc. I want to know where it is made, who made it, is it a reputable company, was anyone hurt or enslaved in the process, where little children used for production, is the product safe, where animals abused. I know it takes time to investigate these things and it doesn’t happen overnight but I no longer want to be a blind consumer who is unwittingly contributing to the destruction of my planet.

2. Become increasingly active in responsible relationship with the earth. Besides giving my support to causes that protect the earth and the environment, in particular this means looking after the earth around my home. My own yard! I can do this by refusing to use pesticides or other harmful chemicals, composting, reducing lawns and planting flowers or better yet, vegetables. Growing a rain garden ( check them out), having wild flowers on my boulevard that attract bees and monarchs. Growing my own organic food, finding organic sources of produce, honey, dairy or whatever I need by developing relationships with local organic farmers which supports them as well. Again, using my dollar to supports life.

3. Community development. It would be great to wave a magic wand and change the major world issues with one sweep but real change doesn’t happen that way. It happens first in one heart and then spreads to the next. I can’t feed children in some poor country but I can work with my family and my neighbors to make changes right where I am. I plan on inviting my neighbors to help me build a better community on my block for instance. I want us to explore together how we can support one another. For instance, bartering, trading home grown veggies, sharing things like law mowers, root tillers, etc., rather than every house having everything why not pool together resources? I want to invite my neighbors to come over for pot-lucks so we can get to know each other. In other words, building community right where I am and letting it spread.

These are my main intentions for helping my planet, what are yours?