This morning I awoke pondering the foundation that supports transformation. Dr. Dan Jordan said that all human potential emerges from either of two aspects of the human psyche or soul: 1. The ability to know and 2. The ability to love. Out of these two stem all of the spiritual capacities inherent in the human being. Love, compassion, kindness, generosity etc, would come from the ability to love and qualities like curiosity, learning, decision making, wisdom, and even intuition I would imagine, comes from the ability to know. So what triggers these capacities to manifest themselves in the myriad ways that they do? Jordan talks a lot about attraction to the unknown and I think it is true to we are attracted to that journey that is infinite. Some call it God. So much trauma around that word so I will call it the Great Unknown. This attraction then must also be to the unknown in ourselves and in others but the unknown is also scary so imagine in your own life the courage it took every time you took a step in that direction and the qualities you developed as a result? A great meditation for today.