cropped-moon.jpgThe bottom line with companies, the line they must support to their board members, investors and employees is MONEY!  DOES IT MAKE MONEY? Companies are not people. They are mega machines that produce what sells regardless of the consequences. Not all companies are irresponsible but many are as we are becoming increasingly aware of due to social media. War for instance, is the biggest product of all. Ask those bank gangsters if war isn’t their most productive money maker? Of course it is or why would they always make sure one is either going on or they are preparing for the next? Poor Syria is apparently top of the list right now.

After thinking about this state of affairs, the question many are asking is”what can I do about it?” Not being  famous, rich, or powerful are not reasons to give up your power of one! Following, are three simple steps that can be applied right where you are that can begin a process of transformation in your own neighborhood while you get to really exercise your power of one.  1.  Become mindful of what your dollar supports. Money is the only language big business understands. If people stop buying their products they pay attention and will either switch to what people will buy or go out of business. This applies to everything in the marketplace including food, drugs, clothes, cars, jewelry, etc. Before spending your hard earned money ask yourself these questions. where it is made? who made it?  is it a reputable company? was anyone hurt or enslaved in the process? where little children used for production? is the product safe? were animals abused in their labs? It can take time to investigate these things and it doesn’t happen overnight but with the internet and the ability to share information with friends and neighbors, it becomes simpler. This is a choice to no longer be a blind consumer who is unwittingly contributing to the destruction of the planet while exercising the power of one in a significant way. Let your dollar vote.  2. Become increasingly active in responsible relationship with the earth. Besides giving support to causes that protect the earth and the environment there is a lot you can do at home. Become the manager of your own yard, balcony or home.  You can do this by refusing to use pesticides or other harmful chemicals inside the home or in your yard. If you have a garden or lawn find healthier alternatives. Begin re-cycling, composting, reducing lawns and planting flowers or better yet, vegetables. These can be grown easily on a balcony, a patio or even a windowsill if you have no yard space. There are many ways to grow food and herbs. If you do have space, grow a rain garden. They are not only beneficial in preventing rain or hose water from running into the street sewers but they are beautiful and require very little maintenance. Grow wild flowers on the boulevard to attract bees and monarchs that need all the help they can get. If growing your own organic food is too difficult, or not enough to live on,  find other sources of produce, honey, dairy or whatever you need by developing relationships with local organic farmers, open markets or food coops. Supporting organic farmers as much as possible is not only good for your health but so needed for the farming industry to go in the right direction.  Again, using your dollar to supports life and health for the planet.  3. Community development. It would be great to wave a magic wand and change the major world issues with one sweep but real change doesn’t happen that way. It happens first in one heart and then spreads to the next. You may not be able to feed all the starving children in some poor country or save the rain forest all by yourself but you are not helpless. You CAN work with your family and your neighbors to make changes right where you are! This does make an impact. Someone told the story about a beach strewn with washed up starfish. One person reached down and threw one back into the sea. The person witnessing this act asked “what good will that do?” The person responded “at least one starfish is saved which is better than none.” One way of using your power of now is to build community with your block or close neighbors. Explore how you can support one another. Without invading anyone’s privacy, imagine having the opportunity to demonstrate your care to your neighbors when they are either experiencing difficult times or celebratory times. Imagine the end of strangeness and the warmth of people caring about people.  Another example of community strengthening that helps the planet are different types of bartering that can be explored. For example, simple things like trading home grown veggies, or sharing things like lawn mowers, roto-tillers, snow blowers, big money items we don’t use that often become resources. It makes far more sense than every house having a