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The “Axial Age”

The “Axial Age,” a phrase coined by German philosopher, Karl Jaspers, (Jaspers, Axial Age, 2012) describes the period from 800 to 200 BC.  During this period, great changes were occurring all over the world. Individualism was beginning to stir in the global consciousness causing a tidal wave of new thinking. It would usher in a […]


Blew out my knee and while in the ER. I was contemplating the real purpose of difficulties and adversity. I found this beautiful quotation I thought answered it well. Unless the season of winter appear, thunder roll, lightning flash, snow and rain fall, hail and frost descend and the intensity of cold execute its command, […]

Awakening with transformation on my m...

This morning I awoke pondering the foundation that supports transformation. Dr. Dan Jordan said that all human potential emerges from either of two aspects of the human psyche or soul: 1. The ability to know and 2. The ability to love. Out of these two stem all of the spiritual capacities inherent in the human […]