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I didn't know what to call it for a long time. For some reason, I don't like the word psychic, maybe because it seems exclusionary and I never wanted to be that. I believe that humans are basically intuitive and so I feel comfortable with that title. It works in different ways for me. Sometimes I just know something. It could be in any area like knowing who is going to call, where to find someone's house when I have no address or idea where they live. Somehow the car just ends up there.

Those usually happen when it is very important. Every now and then I will have what I would qualify as a vision. Those are usually very powerful and amazing. Most of the time, I see movies in my head that I may not understand but the client certainly does. I can look at a photograph of someone I don't know and tell a lot about them. Sometimes when I write, it feels like I don't have much control of whatever is coming out on the page and may not completely understand where it is going until it's all done. Then it makes complete sense.

Another avenue where my abilities have been used is for scientific channelling for lack of a better term. Scientists would call me and ask scientific questions about things like oil wells or mineral applications, power plants etc. all subjects I know nothing about but I would get pictures in my head and describe it. They would find the answer they were seeking that way. So it happens in many ways and these are just some examples.

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