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Mending the Circle, A Practical Guide to Facilitating Groups.
This is the age of working in groups whether at work, church or in your community. Having some how-to, some tools to lead that group makes the experience much more fun and successful. You can become a skilled facilitator in a short amount of time by applying the tools you will discover in this grass-roots, down to earth book that is a distillation of my many years of work in the field. Many have claimed that they enjoyed the book simply as a good read because of its interesting stories and skills that are applicable to every day life. These are folks who have never led a group and have no interest but who have enjoyed the book regardless.

Both the pro and the novice will find this unique book a revelation both in the field of facilitation and communication. Chock full of expertise, it also helps the facilitator identify who they are and what their particular style is. It builds a solid foundation step by step which leads the reader to feel confident and capable no matter how difficult the group they are presented with. Easy and entertaining to read, this book examines both the social and spiritual roots of group work as it allows the reader to appreciate the growing role facilitation plays in our daily lives and will play in the future. The role of facilitation is becoming a growing, urgent need as humanity finds its place at the table. In every arena of life, spiritual, political, scientific, or artistic, the need for skilled help in reaching out, communicating, and connecting across our differences is obvious. Society is changing. Increasingly, we are doing things in groups. It is a normal part of life for an individual to belong to a number of groups, teams, or committees. There are group endeavors at work, socially, and even at home that increasingly demand that we develop a modicum of expertise in facilitation and group process skills. Facilitation is in its beginning stages, developing momentum for the role it will continue to play as we progress into the future of cross-cultural, world communication. The book is laid out in twelve easy to read chapters full of insight, techniques, and entertaining examples. At the back of the book, there is an appendix which contains group exercises from each chapter, points to consider, and a page for note taking. This book can also make an ideal textbook/workbook for teaching facilitation.


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