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Mindful and Transformational Guided Transcendence Counseling

Free 30 Minute Session either by phone, Skype, FaceTime or in person.

The use of mindfulness in therapy allows the client to go deeply into their experience to whatever internal landscape is beckoning. This is where the real answers lie to whatever needs attention. The role of guiding as a therapist, to me, means helping deepen the process and not posing a bunch of questions that just take the person out of their experience in order to answer. This is so common in a lot of therapeutic models and really may satisfy the curiosity of the therapists but do little for the client. Transcendence is what we do as humans and when the way seems blocked, whether by life circumstances, sorrow, addiction, depression, anxiety or whatever, we become stuck and in discomfort. This is the time to reach out for help but where and with whom?

My best advice is to find someone who is not only skilled but can create a very safe environment where your unconscious can trust to unfold and do the work. Otherwise, nothing really moves forward no matter how many credentials, fame and fortune the therapist may have. I often think of these old medicine men I have met while working on Indian reservations and in Africa. How real and transformative their work was even though many were unknown to most of the world.

If you are looking for someone to help who is tested by life, taught by both indigenous wisdom keepers and Western institutions of learning, contact to see if there is a fit for your free introductory session. Call 612-825-7050 or email

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Sessions can be done in person in Minneapolis, or by phone, skype, or FaceTime. Call Diane at 612-825-7050 to schedule a session or click below. Sessions $100.00, by phone, Skype or FaceTime, $75.00 per hour.

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