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My first book "Mending the Circle" is a book on facilitation. It is based on over forty years of running groups. The first time I ever facilitated a group was by accident. I was a young intern (marriage and family counseling), and the director of the center I was assigned to was going to run a group the following week. I remember thinking how great it was going to be that I could just sit back and watch being as I was so shy at that time. The night of the event there was a heavy snowstorm but somehow I had made it to the center. People were arriving covered in snow but no director! He finally called and told me he was unable to come due to the storm. Then he said the most horrifying words! "Your going to need to lead the group for me!" I was terrified! I had no idea what to do or what the group was supposed to be about. I walked into a room full of expectant people staring at me. If I could have sunk through the floor I would have gladly. I made it up as I went along and whenever I got that "deer in the headlights" feeling I would turn my back to the group and write whatever came into my head on the board behind me. Somehow it worked! The people loved it and insisted I continue in the following weeks. That began my career as a facilitator and so my book is a "down to earth" guide for those who would like to facilitate better. The book is called "Mending the Circle, A Practical Guide to Facilitation. There just happens to be some pretty good life skills in there too.

The Coming of Age of Humanity and it Implications for Psychotherapy

Humanity is undergoing revolutionary change. The world is shrinking, and the current state of politics, morals and ethics are no longer adequate as tools in which we can successfully navigate the challenges of today. Whether it is medicine, science, economics or psychology, every facet of civilization is affected. Like the natural world that progresses in stages around us— examples of which include changes of season, transitions from seeds to fruit and the caterpillar into butterfly—humanity likewise passes through stages of development as well. From the infancy of humanity to present times, prophecies from every culture have predicted the arrival of a long-awaited stage of maturity.


Mending The Circle

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The Coming of Age of Humanity

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