This is a collection of articles taken from the many papers written during my undergraduate work. They are copy written but please feel free to read. If you would like to quote any part, please acknowledge the source correctly.

There is so much controversy about the teaching of the Prophet Muhammad and Islam that prevents many from the West from discovering the jewels of wisdom that lie in those teachings. Although I am not a Muslim, I have great respect for the tenets of Islam inherent in the five pillars of Islam. click here for article


The Resolution of Duality in Tibetan Medicine




Life After Death From a Baha'i Perspective


The awareness of death is a reality humanity has struggled with since the beginning of time.  Even the caveman pondered the demise of his companions and wondered what would happen to him when it was his turn to die. This quest for understanding in order to appease our misgivings and the answers arrived at, has molded history, driven persecutions, caused wars, and stirred the mind of most, to at least, consider the possibility. click here for article


Comparison of God and Soul Concepts

From a Baha’i and Hindu Point of View

To attempt some kind of synthesis of Hinduism in a short time is difficult and akin to how astronomers must feel when confronted with the complexity of the universe. I have chosen Hinduism and the Baha’i Faith because of the contrast between the diffused, multi-faceted approach of Hinduism and the focused clarity of the Baha’i Faith. The other reason I have chosen these two is because of the antiquity of Hinduism and the newness of the Baha’i Faith having begun as recently as1844. In this paper I have mainly focused on Hinduism’s Brahman in comparison with God as described in the Baha’i Teachings and the complex understanding they both propose of the soul and Atman.  Because of my personal belief that the essence of all religion is one, I was interested in finding the common thread between these two. Even though there seems to be such a difference, especially with concepts like reincarnation, I hoped I was able to dust off the differences enough to find some common ground shared by both. click here for article


The Inner Voices

This is a story of how the inner voice can come to the rescue. On the verge of being gang-raped, my inner voice took over. Read how it rescued me. click here to view article


The Inner Advisor

"…there is guidance available to us when we appeal to it and are receptive to it."​
The intuitive voice is often referred to as the friend, the higher self, the guide, the inner healer, the voice of God, the sub-conscious, the inner advisor and so on. Sometimes it is a mere whisper and sometimes it is an urgent plea or warning. It can communicate through many channels such as mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical. It can communicate in both the waking and dreaming states. Without it, we would be rudderless. It is becoming an accepted practice in all occupations from business to medicine. It is the birthright of every individual. Learning to listen is the first step and deciphering it, (as it sometimes communicates in riddles), is the next. However, it is always waiting for a welcome
. click here for article


Islam and the Baha'i Faith

Islam is the Mother Religion of my Faith and in it I see so many similarities and concepts that I accept as part of my own religious understanding. This comes as no surprise as all of the prophets from God, or Allah, reveal the same spiritual teachings, the same Tawid. Differences are most obvious in the social teachings, which are adjusted and changed to fit the needs of the society and times. Some of the most obvious parallels can be found by comparing the five pillars.  I especially love this quote by Abdu’l Baha, the son of Baha’u’llah in reference to the pillars of faith. There are certain pillars which have been established as the unshakable supports of the Faith of God. The mightiest of these is learning and the use of the mind, the expansion of consciousness, and insight into the realities of the universe and the hidden mysteries of Almighty God.​​ – Abdu’l Baha click here for article


The physical universe we live in is metaphorical in nature. It provides an infinity of symbols we can use to understand a higher or spiritual reality: each grain of sand, each element of physical reality has a secret metaphor hidden within it. These are the building blocks we use to create our own personal reality in this world. click here to view article


Interaction Between the Body and the Mind


The threshold between the material and spiritual/mental is imaginary – a matter of opinion or point of view. The flow between the two is a dance consciousness creates at every moment blurring the distinction between the two. Consciousness, having given birth to the material world in order to educate us in the art of the dance, is malleable, open to suggestion. According to the Tantra of the Wheel of Time, as described in the lecture notes, the entire universe is produced by karmic winds! Alexander Berzin describes it in his article, Brief Discussion of the Kalachakra Presentation of Cosmology.
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Parmenides Search for the Truth

Immediately we understand that this is a journey. The youth Parmenides has travelled farand now he is welcomed by the goddess― the feminine principle, Savitri who appears throughout history as a guide to higher realms of being. In the second and third line: “As far as my desire can reach along the celebrated road, That bears the one who knows throughout the broad world.”
We see that it is the desire for truth that propels his journey and it is this same desire or calling that burns in the heart of every true seeker whether spiritual, scientific or philosophical.

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An exercise in Relationship


My marriage has been the biggest laboratory where many of these tools have been discovered, tested and refined. My husband of 36 years, has been a willing participant and great contributor in this process of learning. click here to view article


The Dream Experience

The Dream Experience

A reoccurring theme involves houses. I thought these were dreams of the past but since using a dream journal, I see that they continue. One of the main characteristics is my fascination with the potential of the house or building. As I wander through it, I imagine all of the possibilities it presents but somehow I am never able to do it. Sometimes I find hidden parts of the house or barn that are tremendously beautiful and I am so amazed that no one else has found them. Other times I have discovered kittens in the basement or under the stairs that are ill or deformed in some way. As I wander further into the space, there are more and more kittens and I feel helpless to help all of them. This kind of house dream is very disturbing. Other times, I have found treasure in the hidden parts of the house but I am never allowed to take any with me but I am allowed to sit and examine it. click here to view article


Buddhism, Psychology and Medicine


Alchemical Transformations


Ancient alchemy is difficult to piece together as time has obscured our complete understanding of it; however, there are enough traces left to gain a glimmer of the process. Most often alchemy is understood as a chemical process to change one element into another such as lead into gold or base metals into the philosopher’s stone. Prima materia is the main task of the alchemist. It is where the work begins. In order to proceed with the opus or the work, this mysterious substance must first be available. This truth applies to psychological transformation as well. Alchemy, as a chemical process is outdated and outdistanced by modern science but as a metaphor of psychological transformation it becomes meaningful, potent and a source of guidance fleshed out and interpreted by great minds such as Jung, Edinger and others. This paper will attempt to illustrate the alchemical steps and their psychological meaning and give an example of this type of process.

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