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DEEP RIVER Poignant and passionate sweet and raw - these are the threads that swirl together to form the music of Deep River. The songs rise up like mist from deep caverns of the heart and jog memories of ancient times, other cultures and forgotten secrets. The music's deep rhythms, meaningful lyrics and eloquent melodies transcend all time and introduce the listener to a new world, the matrix of which only Deep River can create.

Songwriter Diane Kerr, weaves a spell with her words that take you somewhere. Sometimes to familiar places, sometimes to somewhere new and different but always interesting. The keyboard player for Deep River is the very talented Irving Colacci. His ability to translate the melodies and lyrics of the songwriter into eloquent genius on the keyboard is the gift he brings. Vocals are by Mona Carloni and Diane Kerr. Whether singing about deep secrets of the heart, making social comment, or just having fun, each vocalist brings her own unique passion to this CD.

One of the inspirations for this new CD entitled Diamonds in the Night is the story of Navarro. Navarro is a wise and loving soul who left us for the next world when he was only three months old. He taught all of us that the body is not a person's true reality. No matter how disabled, ill or afflicted, the soul is not affected by the conditions of the body. Navarro was proof of that. His love and wisdom radiated out of him like a beacon and transformed our despair into joy.

This CD was recorded at Wild Sound Studio in Minneapolis Minnesota. Deep River was accompanied by a very talented line up of guest artists in the making of Diamonds in the Night.

Deepest gratitude and thanks go to Billy Franze, on bass and guitar, Dave Jensen, on trumpet, Donnie La Marca, on keyboards, Billy Thomas, on drums, Chris Zann, on guitar and background vocals, Matthew Zimmerman on hand drums.


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